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Headline vs. Study: How the Popular Press Distorts the State of the Science

Ever taken a closer look at an attention-grabbing headline in the Times or on NPR and wondered, huh? Then, upon checking out the original article, you discover a study riddled with errors and biases? Check out this recent post over at ASN for … Continue reading

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Is More Technology Always Better Technology?

In a world where 3-D printers print pizza and our phones tell us which taco truck has the best carnitas, it seems like more technology must always mean better technology, right? Turns out, that’s not always the case–at least not when you’re trying to … Continue reading

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Much Ado About Paleo

 Lots of buzz surrounds one of the newest (or oldest) diets: Paleo. Read my thoughts  on this controversial diet on the Carolina Nutrition Digest.

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Does Overweight Really Decrease Risk of Death?

Recent research showing that being overweight may actually reduce risk of mortality has gotten all the obesity experts talking about whether that extra fat might be more helpful than harmful. What gives? Read my take here.

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